Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Post about the Coins on NPR's Planet Money Blog

I met David Kestenbaum about a week ago in Maine. He posted a short article about the "Pomme de Terre, Pomme en l'Air" coin project I have been working on.

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James M Lambert said...

Hi Matt! I just wanted to leave a comment just to say how cool I think this is. I'm an avid metal detector hobbyists, which goes hand in hand with collecting coins. I came across your blog in my normal internet scouring of related material. I even posted info regarding this on a extremely active and popular website with many coin collectors who are members. It would be awesome to see one of your coins make its way down to Virginia. I was curious if you wouldn't mind me posting an entry on my blog about you and your coins, and permission to use your coins in hand image, with credit of course.

Thanks in advance!