Monday, June 23, 2014

Abandoned No More

UPDATE: Sources at City Hall confirm that, indeed, the City is responsible for the painting of STILL. It just so happened that the City was scheduled to do touch-up paint along Centre Street in Jamaica Plain. Looks like I might be going down with some solvent to clean the paint off.

Abandoned No More by hincman
Abandoned No More, a photo by hincman on Flickr.
I think the City of Boston has given STILL - and its formerly abandoned post - a little love! Yup, the lamp post STILL is affixed to, and the adjacent street sign post (up to about 6') have been spruced up with a fresh coat of black spray paint - including the patinated bronze sculpture. While it may not be best practice in conservation to spray paint over patinated bronze, if the City did the maintenance - Thank you! I take this pro-active maintenance towards STILL as a positive sign of City support for the work!


Jenny in NYC said...

Thank you for this piece. I volunteer with Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America. I have met Trayvon's mom and to know that so many continue to think of him and to work for making our world a better place, be it through activism or art, or both, is inspiring.

matthew hincman said...

Thank you Jenny in NYC. Progress will only be achieved if we all work together towards a common goal of equity and inclusion - each using our passion, talents, and expertise to make it happen. Thank you!